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TERENCE is a three year long project for the design and development of the first Adaptive Learning System (ALS) for poor comprehenders, hearing and deaf, and for their educators. TERENCE aims at offering innovative usability and evaluation guidelines, pedagogical models, AI technologies, and an ALS for reasoning about stories, in Italian and in English.
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Afişare conţinut web Afişare conţinut web

     The TERENCE project supports the European Union initiatives to promote gender equality and the work of the European Parliament's Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality.

     The European Commission Policy has been considering with great attention gender issues, and in February 1999 the European Commission has adopted the Women and Science Action Plan. Since then, the gender issue in science has become an important part of European Research policies, supported both by the European Parliament and the national governments.

    The TERENCE project supports the involvement of women in the european research activities, in management boards and in scientific committees. Accordingly, the TERENCE Consortium:

  • recruited female researchers at all levels of the project,
  • ensured equality in decision-making,
  • created in the project web site a section dedicated to the promotion of gender equality within the project.